About Us


In 2012, inspired by the character and charm of our hometown, San Luis Obispo, CA., we started drawing t-shirt designs that were truly unique to our community.  We found that most of the typical shirts available were too generic for our liking.  Nothing was San Luis Obispo enough!  The results of our efforts were an instant success.  We started selling out of shirts at our local farmers market and soon thereafter, other places as well.  Most of our shirts quickly became must-have collection pieces sold at local record shops, visitor centers, and other gift shops, by both die-hard locals and tourists alike.

Before long, our neighbors were looking to have their hometown represented in a new and special way too. Our collection of designs grew, and Live Local Apparel was born.

Today, we still produce only hand drawn designs, all made in-house by artists who remain inspired by the unique communities that cover the west coast’s rugged coastline and stunning inland beyond.  Every piece of artwork we create is carefully researched and made to capture the distinct specialties that make every destination different.  Using the most comfortable of materials, combined with our fun style of art, Live Local Apparel creates something uniquely special for every town we visit, discover and represent.

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Always live locally, no matter where you are!