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Yes, we always offer free basic shipping within the USA.

Live Local Apparel is proud to ship worldwide!

We ship from our headquarters in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Most shipments within the USA arrive in 3-10 business days. 

International shipments typically arrive in 12-24 business days.

Unless it's a weekend or holiday we ship most orders placed before 1:00 PST on that same day. If placed after 1:00 PST, or on a weekend/holiday, then we ship on the following business day.


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Yes, any unworn items can be returned/exchanged within 30 days of delivery. See our full shipping & return policy here.

Please send us a message here with your order # and the reason for your return. Please pack your unworn item and ship it to us at the address in the question below.

Live Local Apparel - Returns
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Product Questions

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Our items typically run true to size, however, there is an individual size chart on every product page with more info. If you have additional questions, contact us here.

Every product page has an expandable tab that shows more info about each product, including fabric content, etc. If you have additional questions, contact us here.

About Us

Here are some quick answers to common questions about Live Local Apparel.

The "Live" in our name is short for the word "Living", and pronounced as such. It is not pronounced like the the broadcast term regarding "Live" coverage of the big game.

Each of our designs are hand drawn by a small team of dedicated artists who love to explore, do outdoor activities, listen to live music, eat local food, and sample the local beer & wine!

Yes, they truly are.

We believe in fully experiencing the places we visit. This means following local customs. Eat at the mom and pop restaurants. Don't watch... do the activities the locals do. Listen to their music. Try to experience their love for those things as they do. Do this no matter how unfamiliar it may seem at the time. Be adventurous!

We strive to make all our designs "uniquely local." This means that each of our designs has elements within it, that fit the destination it was meant for exclusively. We try to include the things that are not found in other places. We look for the key things that make that place uniquely what it is. Sometimes it's food. Sometimes it's music. Sometimes it's epic buildings, and sometimes its adventure. Often it's combinations of all. We look for the heart and soul of a place and try to capture that in a fun way as best we can.

There are many differences, but a major difference is that our goods are uniquely local. Most destination-based clothing companies use the same repetitive designs over and over again, and simply change the name of the destination to coincide with an image. Think of a touristy Monterey CA t-shirt with an image of a whale on it. Now picture yourself in San Diego where you see a t-shirt with literally the same whale image on it, only now the text reads San Diego, CA. The travel-market merchandise industry is known for this silliness, and is the reason that most tourist shops have the same boring merchandise almost everywhere you go. Our designs are different. A design we make for Los Angeles could never be made to fit San Francisco by us just changing the text. Our design are uniquely local to the places we feature.

Furthermore, since our designs are uniquely local, our goods have great appeal to locals whom live in the cities we feature. Yes, tourists do buy out our t-shirts in droves as well, but it's truly rare to have more love from the locals than the tourists. We take this responsibility seriously!

It's not the fastest to do all our drawing by hand. We also truly do strive a great deal to do each location justice. Often this means thinking and talking about a place a lot, often requiring tweaks and edits to get a result that is perfectly local.

Yes, for the most part. The team here loves to get out and explore. It is easier to do our process after having spent time in a place than having not. A big part of our ability to capture each place so uniquely is having truly experienced it.

Yes, we can! Although, we make tremendous effort to nail the nuances of each design to capture every location perfectly (including traveling there and experiencing it firsthand) we are open to feedback from locals whom live in those places to help steer us into something we may have missed.

If someone on the team just got back from a trip somewhere, that could easily start a burst of inspiration, especially if it's a place that others on the team have already been to as well. It seems that between everyone we always have some place to do.

No idea, for sure. You never know where our adventures will take us, or where we will end up. Is your city worthy of a visit from the Live Local Apparel crew? If so, let us know where and why.

Business Questions

Quick answers to the boring business stuff.

Yes, this is how we got our start. We've been selling wholesale since 2012. Our products are found in both large and small gift shops and local boutiques all across the USA.

Please start by submitting an inquiry to our wholesale page here. Please include the name of your store, how many years you've been in business, and how many locations you have.

Yes, we've been in business since 2012, and most of that time we've concentrated on wholesaling to our retail partners. We have many designs for many locations and only feature a small sampling on our website.